Introducing "Paperless" Membership
Reducing the Cost of Membership thru Cybertechnology

RAC-MOAA offers an innovative "paperless" membership discount to both new and current regular Chapter members, who have personal computer access to the Internet’s World Wide Web. These unique regular memberships, are available at the discounted regular membership dues of only $10.00 (a $10.00 discount). Discounted memberships are also offered to Auxiliary members (who may also participate in the "paperless" program) also at $10.00 as surviving spouses.

To qualify for "paperless" membership, Chapter members must agree to receive the Chapter newsletter, member directory and all other correspondence via e-mail and/or the website. The "paperless" discount for regular Chapter members, is made possible by savings realized by not having to print and mail the newsletter and other documents to these members. "Paperless" members will stop receiving Chapter correspondence by mail as soon as they sign-up for "paperless" membership.

  • To support "paperless" membership, the chapter’s website already provides (in addition to other features):

    • the current chapter newsletter (.pdf format);
    • the chapter directory (including member e-mail addresses);
    • the chapter bylaws;
    • a form for submitting e-mail and mailing address changes;
    • a “free-form” e-mail message form;
    • a “Letter to the Editor” message form for the newsletter;
    • the annual election ballot (October - November only);
    • plus “downloadable” forms for:
      • dinner meeting reservations;
      • tour reservations;
      • payment of chapter dues;
      • donations to the Youth Activities Program
      • donations to the Military Community Assistance Program
      • donations to the Virginia War Memorial Education Foundation; and
      • membership application by new members

    The "downloadable" forms can be filled out on home computers and then printed-out for mailing back to the Chapter. A form for annual membership renewal and dues collection is sent by "snail-mail" to all chapter members in November. Since the Chapter is not capable of collecting payments electronically (due to cost prohibitions), “snail-mail” replies from "paperless" members are still required.

    "Paperless" members, and other chapter members registered in the chapter's E-mail Network, also receive information about MOAA and chapter activities and events, periodically via the chapter's "E-Newsletter" and in the "MOAA Updates" section of the website "Welcome" page.

  • IMPORTANT You may sign-up for "paperless" membership at any time; however, any discounts will be applied at your membership renewal in December. MOAA members and visitors who are not RAC-MOAA Chapter members, may join the Chapter and sign-up for "paperless" membership by Clicking Here.

  • IMPORTANT - You must provide your e-mail address to participate in this program. Be sure to transcribe your e-mail address accurately. Current RAC-MOAA regular and auxiliary members wishing to sign-up for "paperless" membership now may Click Here.

  • IMPORTANT - Chapter members who want access to the chapter website, but also want to continue to receive the newsletter and other correspondence by regular mail, SHOULD NOT SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR "PAPERLESS" MEMBERSHIP - they simply need to register their e-mail address with the Chapter by Clicking Here.

  • Questions concerning "paperless" membership may be directed to CDR John Baumgarten, Director of Member Services, at (804) 379-7586, or by e-mail by Clicking Here.